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Super Smash Flash 4

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Super Smash Flash 4 game is the latest version of the awesome fighting game. It was developed in the year 2017 by McLeod Gaming. This game is popular nowadays; a lot of gamers around the globe enjoy it due to several reasons; in this game you will find a lot of characters who you can easily select, all of these characters have all different skills and are famously known since they are from the popular cartoons and most games.

Super Smash Flash 4 game features new levels and battle areas used when fighting, another fascinating feature is the variety of game modes, there is the tournament mode which the only mission here is to become the champion or you can call your friends over and play the multiplayer mode, there is also the 2vs2 mode where you can play with the computer. This variety of the game modes gives you a chance to make use of your time playing the game.

The main objective in this game is to knock the opponent out, you will be given a percentage counter rather than a health bar, the more you get total damage the more it increases, a higher damage will result into a KO.The previous versions mainly the original game was limited by the flash capacity, it was much different from this version since only one multiplayer mode match was dedicated to only two human players per match and the remaining two slots was to be filled with the computer(CPU) entries mainly. This mode disadvantaged player two since the camera was mainly programmed to focus on player one.The Super Smash Flash 4 game is an amazing game to have to master the controls is so easy. The left and right arrow keys let you move around. O is jump. P is attack. (Different combinations of the arrow keys and P let you use different attacks.)